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2019 Agenda


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Chair’s Opening Remarks

Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals


Keynote Panel Discussion
A Question of Strategy – Finding the Right Value Creation Model for your Firm

  • Finding the right balance between specialisation and generalism to suit your firm’s resources and strategy
  • How to supplement missing expertise – Finding the right people to address the challenges facing your portfolio
  • Defining methodology and structure to deliver value – 100 day plans and beyond
  • Anticipating trends – what the future holds for value creation models

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

Olof Faxander, Operating Partner, Nordic Capital

Andrew Hartley, Operating Partner, Corsair Capital

Karsten Langer, Managing Partner, The Riverside Company

James Markham, Partner - Portfolio Management, Graphite Capital


Case Study Presentation

Creating Impact Beyond Return

  • PE 4.0 - Purpose-driven creation of shared value
  • Leveraging the Sustainable Development Goals to rethink global challenges into business opportunities
  • Creating increased returns for stakeholders, magnified SDG impact and future proofed companies

Helena Fagraeus Lundström, Head of Via Summa, Summa Equity


Panel Discussion
Navigating the Middle Ground – The Relationship Between Deal and Portfolio Management Partners

  • Integrating operating partners and value creation teams into incentivisation and team structure
  • Value creation partners as part of the deal making and due diligence process and how this impacts post-deal value creation
  • Distinct teams or cradle-to-grave – finding a balance of delegation between deal and portfolio management teams
  • Discussing the role of operating partners on investment boards
  • Debating the crucial role of portfolio management teams in preparing for exit

Chair: Talya Misiri, Deputy Editor, Real Deals

Simon Adcock, Partner and Head of Portfolio, Bowmark Capital

Justin Maltz, Partner, Mobeus Equity Partners

Geoff Tomlinson, Investment Director, LDC


Case Study Presentation
Creating Value in a Special Situation - The Alua Hotels Story

  • Identifying market gaps to build a business and create real value
  • Investigating the anatomy of the deal
  • Sharing lessons learnt

Tom Boszko, Partner, Alchemy Special Opportunities


Networking and Coffee Break


Expert Presentation
Part of the Digital Revolution – The Pivotal Role of Tech in Driving Growth

  • Assessing digital capabilities - Asking the right questions and avoiding value traps
  • Gaining awareness of your place in the digital competition landscape
  • The impact of real-time data
  • What to consider when embarking on digital transformation

John Lowe, Principal Consultant, Intuitus


Expert Interview
Bolt-On Acquisitions / Buy-and-Build as Growth Drivers

  • Incorporating origination teams in the process to create a sensible buy-and-build strategy
  • Finding the right business to complement your portfolio company
  • All the right reasons - Investigating motivations, from geographic expansion, to market consolidation and product line expansion
  • Beyond numbers: Integrating bolt-ons with existing investments and ensuring cohesion

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

Ian Oxley, Partner, Silverfleet Capital

Adrian Yurkwich, Partner, Silverfleet Capital



  • Overcoming CFO Hiring Challenges in your Portfolio - Adam Akbar, Managing Director, Bronzegate
  • Managing Turnaround Situations - Simon Adcock, Partner and Head of Portfolio, Bowmark Capital
  • New Paradigms - Evolving Existing Models of Alternative Investment Management - James Dickerson, Client Partner, Motive Partners
  • The challenges of translating strategy into value - Dermot Joyce, Chairman, EXM
  • Enabling Portfolio Company Leaders to Implement the Full-Potential Plan On-Time - Patrick Mina, Managing Partner, Humatica




Panel Discussion

A Crucial Part - Discussing the Experience of PE-Backed Management Teams

  • A change of pace - Assessing the impact of PE-involvement on management teams
  • Adjusting to altered reporting expectations both pre-, and post-deal
  • Discussing the role of non-exec chairs/directors and third parties in communications between management team and PE-house

Chair: Sam Smith, Founder and Managing Director, PEPTalks

Brian Stringer, Partner, Acquire and Integrate

Neil Thackray, Founder, Iffley Consulting


Quickfire Panel
A Question of Collaboration – Working with the Right Management Team

  • Instilling entrepreneurial governance and fast, reliable decision-making in PCs
  • Transforming management mindsets to drive growth
  • Considering reward-sharing and incentivisation programmes to foster team spirit
  • Building the right team to drive value creation in and beyond upper management
  • On the same page - Aligning priorities between GP and management team to ensure success

Chair: Nicholas Neveling, Editor, Real Deals

David Barbour, Managing Partner, FPE Capital

Paul Blant, Managing Director, Finatal

Maria Carradice, Portfolio Director, Mayfair Equity Partners

Andros Payne, Managing Partner, Humatica


Case Study Presentation
Hidden Opportunities - Assessing the Value Upside from Pricing

  • Finding the right questions to ask to identify value enhancement opportunities
  • Using data and insight to identify company characteristics and potential upside
  • Sharing lessons learned from systemising the process

Tim Ham, Chief Executive Officer, Pearson Ham | The Pricing Specialists


Networking and Coffee Break


Case Study Presentation

The Home-Stretch - Maximising Value Creation Leading up to the Exit

  • Thinking ahead - Maintaining value creation past the initial stages of the holding period to ensure a successful exit
  • Managing successful exits in a high multiple environment
  • Revisiting your exit strategy and adjusting to changes in influencing factors
  • Pulling the right value levers in the run up to exit
  • Preparing management teams for the exit and post-exit transition period to minimise disruption

Francesco Lodrini, Partner, Ambienta


Expert Presentation
The Ignored Value Driver of Digital Marketing

  • Using forecast models to predict revenue upside opportunities and future investment requirements
  • Driving pure bottom-line through 80/20 analysis
  • Discovering the high-value digital marketing strategy used by fast-growth companies

Rob Morley, Commercial Director, Fountain Partnership


Panel Discussion
Discussing International Expansion as a Key Value Driver

  • Understanding competitive sets and regulatory challenges abroad and how to prepare
  • Utilising your global footprint and connections to drive international growth
  • Finding the right global strategy – from overseas offices to distribution, procurement and acquisitions
  • Moving overseas - Making the right people-decisions and strengthening management teams to continually drive growth internationally
  • Sharing lessons learned

Chair: Olly Jackson, Senior Reporter, Real Deals

Martin Calderbank, Managing Partner, Agilitas Private Equity

Nicol Fraser, Partner, Dunedin

David Santos, Partner, Alantra Private Equity

Pete Wilson, Partner, Head of UK Private Equity, 3i


Chair’s Closing Remark and Drinks Reception


Drinks Reception

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