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Value Creation Event Brochure

Download the Real Deals Value Creation Brochure for a comprehensive breakdown of the day's schedule, content topics, speaker line-up and partnership options.


The Road to Value Creation: Part 1 - International Expansion as a Value Creation Driver

Value Creation experts discuss international expansion as a viable option for encouraging growth in portfolio companies. How have they approached international expansion in their own firm?


The Road to Value Creation Part 2: Buy and Build and a Value Creation Driver

Five fund managers discuss their firm's buy-and-build strategy with exclusive insights into case-study examples of successful add-on acquisitions.


The Road to Value Creation Part 3: The Pivotal Role of Tech in Driving Growth

Market-leading experts discuss the inherent importance of technology and how they've incorporated tech into their value enhancement strategies to encourage growth.


Three Reasons Why Value Creation Has Become Crucial for Private Equity

Although leverage remains an important lever for generating returns, the ability to drive Ebitda growth of portfolio companies has become a crucial differentiator.

So we've identified three reasons why you should put value creation at the top of your firm's agenda this year.


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