Nick Twyman, RHR International
Nick Twyman
Partner and Private Equity Lead
RHR International

Nick Twyman is a partner at RHR International and leader of the firm’s private equity practice area. His responsibilities include developing new business, evolving RHR’s private equity solutions to meet ever- changing business challenges, and providing guidance and support to RHR consultants.

Nick brings a strong track record in leadership development, combining a 20-year career in corporate leadership with another 20 years as an executive coach and trusted advisor. Adept at quickly translating business strategy to people strategy, he brings a commercial mindset and curiosity about his clients’ markets and operating models to help develop leaders and boards within the broader context of their individual companies.

Nick’s hands-on business experience is global and includes leaderships stints at companies in the U.S., Europe, and the UK. As an executive coach, he has worked across industries and with companies of all sizes to build robust teams and align leadership toward a common purpose. Nick is passionate about enhancing the quality of leadership around the world so that all people are treated fairly and businesses leave a net positive impact on the world. He believes in the need for more enlightened leaders and that good leaders are guided by principles founded on strong ethical and moral foundations.

Nick holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from Aston University in Birmingham, England. He is a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming and a member of the Association for Coaching. With a large family, including his wife, four daughters, and three grandchildren (so far!), Nick is often busy exploring the countryside around his home and is passionate about fitness and discovering new cultures through travel.