Kate Migliaro, Searchlight Capital Partners
Kate Migliaro
Global Head of Portfolio Talent
Searchlight Capital Partners

Ms. Migliaro is a US Army Veteran with 5 years active duty experience in the Military Police Corps. During her service, Ms. Migliaro deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan supporting and building local national law enforcement capabilities. She was awarded the FYo8 FORSCOM J.P Holland Award for best Military Police Company in the Army, the combat action badge and bronze star. Prior to joining the Searchlight team in 2022, Ms. Migliaro was selected to support talent management and organizational effectiveness on the Apollo Portfolio Performance Solutions (APPS) team where she built the talent and diversity, equity, and inclusion playbooks to maximize portfolio company performance. In her previous roles, Ms. Migliaro has worked in generalist human capital roles as well as specialist roles in compensation. Today, she is focused on building management teams aligned to the value creation plan and driving organizational effectives through organizational design, compensation philosophy and leadership effectiveness. Ms. Migliaro earned her degree in American Politics and Systems Engineering from the United States Military Academy. She is currently the Chairwoman of America’s Warrior Partnership’s Board of Directors and is an advocate for veteran employment.