Webinar One
Tuesday 8 September at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion: The Big Picture - Moving from Value Preservation to Value Creation
  • Being flexible with internal structures to facilitate value creation to suit your portfolio and investment strategy as things continue to change
  • Finding a balance between hands-off and hands-on involvement in the management of your portfolio in the current market environment
  • Evaluating supply chains - cost vs security
  • Varied needs - Assessing the impact of the economic backdrop on internal hiring decisions and supplementing missing expertise through in-house advisors and external experts

Webinar Two
Tuesday 15 September at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion: Restructuring Portfolio Companies to Increase Social Impact
  • Working with portfolio management teams to integrate ESG into the supply chain
  • Creating transparent reporting guidelines and specific goals to monitor portfolio performance
  • From terminology to data and demonstrability - Finding new and innovative ways to measure value created by ESG activities within the portfolio and implementation as the businesses build back up
Webinar Three
Tuesday 22 September at 15:00 BST
Building the Workspace of the Future – Human Capital, Skills Shortages and Generational Shifts in Portfolio Company Workforces
  • A change in the workforce – Obtaining and retaining the right talent for sustainable business growth
  • Assessing the impact of modern employment expectations on value creation – remuneration trends, co-working, flexitime and beyond
  • Co-developing human capital strategies early to achieve sustainable value
  • Leadership, talent development and organisational culture as crucial growth drivers
Webinar Four
Tuesday 29 September at 15:00 BST
Panel Discussion: Expanding Internationally in Today’s World
  • Understanding and preparing for regulatory requirements and changing legislation abroad
  • Discussing the challenges of internationalising local businesses and finding the right tactic for successful international market diversification
  • Adapting marketing, sales and overall strategy tactics in new environments
  • Mitigating cultural differences - The pros and cons of hiring local market talent
Webinar Five
Tuesday 6 October at 15:00 BST
Futureproofing your Portfolio - Transforming Business Models and Integrating Technology Along the Entire Value Chain
  • Exploring the different challenges and opportunities offered by digital transformation in traditional industries, digitally mature sectors and the new world
  • All about the timing - Mitigating risks caused by rapid evolution of digital ecosystems and making the right choices in your digitalisation strategy
  • Establishing a baseline and integrating digital transformation with existing processes to achieve cohesive growth
  • Exploring opportunities offered by digital strategies in turnaround situations and analogue-to-digital buy and build
  • Working with management teams to integrate technology into companies

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